Glaucoma is an eye disease Things To Know Before You Buy

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Have you heard about Laptop Vision Syndrome (or CVS)? No, it’s not a futuristic love affair involving human beings and devices; it’s a very serious sort of eyestrain more info attributable to consecutive...

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You’ll want operation to remove a cataract. The medical doctor replaces the click here cloudy lens with a synthetic just one.

Scientific studies have revealed which the early detection and therapy of click here glaucoma, right before it brings about significant eyesight decline, is The obvious way to Manage the disease.

Glaucoma describes a bunch of situations during which There may be attribute cupping with the optic disc with corresponding Visible discipline defects, on account of retinal ganglion cell reduction. It's a progressive problem and is also the most typical reason for irreversible blindness globally. Most important open angle glaucoma (POAG) is actually a subset in the glaucomas described by an open, standard showing anterior chamber angle and lifted intraocular pressure (IOP), without other fundamental disease.

This article explores the opportunity risks of glaucoma surgical procedures and explains why the benefits outweigh risks for many Superior cases. Glaucoma can be a chronic, progressive deterioration on the optic nerve (the bundle of nerve fibers in the back of the eye that have Visible messages from your retina to your brain). It is often because of or worsened by strain In the eye (intraocular stress, or website IOP) that is certainly too large with the continued health in the nerve. The only real confirmed treatment method of glaucoma is decreasing of IOP to be able to protect against or to decelerate the damage to the optic nerve.

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Glaucoma is a gaggle of diseases that could hurt the eye’s optic nerve and lead to vision loss and blindness.

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